2016 Team

Read more about the selected LCF students and staff. As part of our experience we created more personalised paragraph about another member of the team, randomly allocated at the beginning of the trip.


Katarina Rimarcikova

Katarina is Fashion Art Subject Leader and Senior Lecturer in Fashion, Design, Media and Management for postgraduate courses at London College of Fashion as well as LCF Collaborative Projects and Collaborative Unit Leader.

She founded her luxury womenswear label in 2006 in her Paris atelier, having previously worked as Head of Fashion Department, Professor and Draping Specialist at renowned Parsons Paris school of Art and Design for 8 years.

She works on cross-disciplinary projects, collaborating with artists, designers, photographers, neuroscientists and psychologists and has led many interactions academic and art & design projects and collaborations.

Katarina is the Creative Director and CEO of the CarteBlanche atelier d’art & design, the first unique gallery/concept store in Central Europe to introduce and combine beautiful and timeless design with integrity.

Katarina graduated from Central Saint Martins and has worked for many luxury designers such as Alexander McQueen, Savile Row, Tom Ford at Gucci.

Source: http://www.arts.ac.uk/fashion/people/teaching-staff/katarina-rimarcikova/

This is what Smriti had to say about Katarina:

Keep your heels high and head held higher. Whenever I read this quote, the first person that comes to my mind is Katarina Rimarcikova. An inspirational leader and a strong believer of the moto ‘the harder the struggle, the glorious is the triumph’; Katarina mesmerizes all of us by her real life experiences, achievements and attitude. She inspires one to stay positive in hardship but never forgets to remind her students to have fun in life as well. A secret farmer at heart, Katarina always toils to give opportunities to students for a brighter future. Persistence and determination are two qualities that are worth learning from her and as the French say it “pourquoi pas, tout est possible”. 


Amanda Johnston

AmandaAmanda Johnston is an Associate Lecturer and Academic Coordinator at London College of Fashion, University of The Arts London. She practiced as a freelance designer for over 25 years, consulting for both U.K and U.S brands worked on product development projects for various companies, involving direct liaison with manufacturers in Hong Kong, India, Greece and Turkey. She has also consulted on special projects for the Design Council on U.K based business development initiatives. In addition to her current teaching on BA Fashion Design and Development, BA Menswear and MA Fashion and the Environment she has contributed to Sustainable Summer schools hosted by KEA in Denmark, and the British Council in Slovenia. She maintains industry links as consultant and curator of The Sustainable Angle. Amanda is the co- author of Fabric For Fashion and Fabric for Fashion the Swatch Book.

Source: Copied from The Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion Mentoring Programme Brief, 16 March 2016

This is how Elise sees Amanda:

Amanda is our go/to person for everything…emotional support, expertise, organization and inspiration! Her extensive shoe collection, not to mention her daily bold print choices keep us enthralled and so it was a highlight of my stay in the Carpe Diem Villa in Hyeres to discover that both Amanda and I like to retire in matching striped pyjamas! Involved in all aspects of education and support at LCF, as well as co-author of Fabric For Fashion and Fabric for Fashion the Swatch Book, Amanda serves as consultant for the The Sustainable Angle and for the finalists of the Kering Award at LCF. Amanda’s main title is Academic Coordinator for the Student Enterprise and Employability SEE but to us, she is an extraordinarily insightful guide into the fashion industry as well as an excellent travel partner. 

Rosalie Overgaauw


Rosalie is a MA Fashion Futures Student at the London College of Fashion. Rosalie has a background in Fashion design and she cares about ethical, political and environmental issues and wants to help shape the future of Fashion.

Attending the Hyeres Festival is important to her as the festival is known to be a platform for young promising artists and designers, providing an insight in the future of Fashion. She is convinced that interacting with talented artists will provide her with more dynamic, deepened and realistic new insights to use in her research.

Jue Wang

Jue Wang

Jue is a MA Fashion Futures student from China. He studied fashion design in undergraduate college. Two years after graduation, He is still in fashion design.

This event for him is a very good platform for the display. He needs a platform to show their work, pass his views on life, fashion or society through work to the viewer.

This is how Yophi see Jue:

Jue is a MA Fashion Futures student from China. He is a talented fashion designer that focuses on growing his own bio material from fungi called mycelium. Also, Jue has a great eye for photography and film making. He enjoys food, especially take away and during the Hyères trip he forgot to mention his hidden talent: that he speaks French!

Alle Navasero

Allen is a pensive,                                                                                                                               enthusiastic, international and multi-ethnic person that enjoys and embraces all that comes with life. He believes that humans all have alien DNA and that extra-terrestrial beings have Allencontributed much to our capacity to disrespect earth. Allen enjoys looking at the sky, spending time with his family and friends over a bottle or more of red wine, rock-climbing, and all things honest.                                                                                                          Allen is currently an MA Fashion Futures student, studying and working on projects on the crossroads between design, philosophy, art, and sustainability.His most current project is entitled ‘Fashioning Union’, where he is re-imaging Fashion as a practise, like yoga, to reunite mind, body, soul, and spirit, particularly with that of Nature.                                    Allen is excited to go to Hyeres as he has never been to this special fashion festival before in the south of France, and he sees it as a great opportunity to create new insights into the fashion industry.

Amanda describes Allen as:

Allen personifies and expresses his eclecticism through his personal style, featuring an evolving glorious mash up of contemporary, ethnic and historic references.His personal philosophy of fashion is informed by his diverse cultural experiences, and rooted in cultural theory and a passion for the relationship between fashion and art.  Allen is great company, and a dynamic contributor, both at work and play, as we all experienced and critiqued the ‘Fashion spectacle’ of the Hyeres festival.He is also fluidly multilingual, and at times assumes a bewildering array of accents, that by turn entertained and confused us during workshop sessions!  We all appreciated Allen’s playful nature, coupled with his natural curiosity and interest in spirituality, he truly embodies his own mission ‘to make the fashion industry more beautiful, inside and out.’


Elise Comrie

Elise is originally from the wild west Canadian frontier, but she now lives in London. She is completing her MA Fashion Futures at the London College of Fashion where she is developing an insatiable appetite for sustainability and improving the consumer behaviour to be one that is based on ethical values. As a designer she believes we set new directions and ideologies, and a strong sustainable fashion industry is where you’ll find her.

Irene had this to say about Elise:

Elise is originally from the wild west Canadian frontier, but she now resides in London, United Kingdom. Currently, Elise is completing her masters in Fashion Futures at the London College of Fashion where is developing an insatiable appetite for sustainability and improving the consumer behavior to be one that is based on ethical values. As a designer, Elise believes we must set new directions and ideologies. You can find Elise in this strong sustainable fashion industry and if you catch you in Provence you will find her enjoying delectable foie gras.


Smriti Gupta

A designer and entrepreneur from India, Smriti is an industry veteran with experience of working with many prominent Indian designers before she launched her own label in 2010. Her label ‘Smriti’ is for self-assured women speaking a global language steeped in femininity with impeccable craftsmanship. Her source of inspiration remains heavily influenced by global travel experiences. The play of colours present in nature has always been a forceful inception to her creative vision. Having participated in many Indian fashion weeks she has extensive knowledge in the Indian art of block printing, traditional Indian embroideries and tie & dye techniques. She is also an empanelled designer with the Development of handloom and handicraft commission for the Gov. Of India. She is currently a student in London College Of Fashion pursuing MA Strategic Fashion Marketing.


Yophi Ignacia

Yophi is a Dutch fashion designer, currently studying at London College of Fashion. On the MA Fashion Futures course she focuses on sustainability, emotional durable connectivity amongst consumer and object, longevity as well as consumer need and behaviour. Throughout the visit to the Hyères festival she wants to gain more awareness on sustainability outside of LCF, which incorporates new ways of thinking about sustainability in a broader point of view. What does the rest of the fashion world think about the concept of sustainability and what are they creating around this topic?

Yophi was observed by Katarina:

Coming from Netherlands where she previously studied  Fashion design in Womenswear, Yophi has come to LCF as part of a duo together with Rosalie Overgaauw where they are pursuing  MA Fashion Futures.Not satisfied with designing only, Yophi is looking for more: more in depth research, more understanding of the emotional connections with fashion, re-thinking fashion products and getting involved in a new ways of creating them.
Risk taker who likes to explore, deep thinker and observer , Yophi starts her days with meditation and calm moment. Always a warm smile and calm exterior, she is a quite force who can stand her ground when counted.All rounder with a positive outlook who can inspire and motivate her peers.
It was been a pleasure to  watch Yophi to blossom into her own independent self and get confident with her ideas, questions and point of views. She has been inspired by this intense journey of the festival stay to really throw herself beck into creative making to make a difference, to make a point through fashion while being conscious,socially responsible and emotionally involved.
Yophi  has not only immersed  herself in the experience of the festival but fell under the spell of the beautiful surroundings of medieval french city of Hyeres and its magical coast. I looks like she will be returning here later this summer for a romantic road trip to discover more, as a true explorer!


Ana Pasalic

Ana is a German designer based in London, where she currently studies a MA in Fashion Futures at the London College of Fashion. Her work focuses on sustainable design solutions within the fashion industry, with a particular interest in innovative materials. The Hyères festival gives her the opportunity to be part of the launch-pad for emerging designers and innovative thinkers.

Rosalie describes Ana :

Studying Fashion Futures she is currently participating in the Kering Award for Stella McCartney with a focus on Spider Silk. Being brave, self-assertive and pro active resulted in an offer for a MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) fellowship during this summer where she will be focusing on material design in a sustainable way. Ana can’t be missed, with her love for black colored clothing – even in the warm Mediterranean sun – and plateau shoes to add that extra bit of length.


Irene-Marie Seelig

Irene-Marie is a social entrepreneur and intrapreneur with over a decade of experience within the fashion and technology industries through the approach of sustainability. She has contributed to the growth of many startups, and small to medium size businesses and continues to enjoy raising the bar in the digital space and sustainability. This is why she is currently pursuing a master’s in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the London College of Fashion and is looking forward to attending the International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyères. While attending university, she applies her skills at the Centre for Fashion Enterprise’s marketing department, and is the co-founder / CEO of a jewellery and fragrance start up, VLTA.

Irene was observed by Ana:

Irene is an social entrepreneur and intrepreneur with a vast knowledge in fashion, technology and the skills to help further sustainable, best-in-class and values-driven companies. Currently she is studying a master’s in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation, where she applies and develops her knowledge in innovative material design, technology and sustainability. Through being part of the Collaborative Unit and other workshops she showed her ability to fulfil several tasks at the same time and high quality, such as being a reliable and focussed team-worker.