LCF Master’s Think Tank I: Fashion and Tech

Following a french think-tank panel discussion of IFM Paris students on Fashion and digital-tech at Le Marais on the plage, our team debriefed the discussion in english back at Villa Carpe Diem.

We discussed the two main pros and cons of digital technology particularly in Fashion. Pros: Communication and collaboration; social collaboration and data for social change. Cons: Disconnection from particular sensory experiencing, skewing reality; using data to create algorithm’s to predict a consumer’s desire for a particular product squashes and restricts individuality, for example.

Key questions that were raised from the second part of this think-tank included:

Are we buying products or clients? For example, companies that rely on the trust of clients to subscribe to a curated product offering rather than marketing individual products. Popsugar, Airbnb, and Uber are such enterprises that run on this model made more viable through accessible digital communications. 

Has the brick and mortar store-front for retail become merely secondary? For the most part, the answer is yes, particularly for rising designers who do not have a large budget for paying rent in today’s bourgeoning metropolises. However, in Italy, Carlo Capasa says that only 5% of shopping happens online.

How can the digital be more source for inspiration within the creative industries rather than a mere calculative model for solving perceived issues?

Amidst these thought provoking questions and responses traded back and forth during our discussion, one key consensus seemed to remain: The digital can never replace the beauty of human error.




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