Meeting Florent-Alexis Wessels Faustin [Confident] / Alice de Montalivet [Dymant] / Louise Van den Bogaert [Maison Kitsuné]

All three have been attending the Hyères festival for several years and describe this creative festival as ‘entering a new family that keeps on growing each year’. They met at Institut Français de la Mode in Paris and have been friends ever since. Not only do they work on their own companies, but they strongly support each other as well. This became clear in the talks we had with each of them complementing the others on what they have achieved so far and believing in their concepts. It was inspiring to meet such a close group of creative people.

  1. Louise Van den Bogaert [Maison Kitsuné]

Louise is the collection manager at Maison Kitsuné, a unique concept of trendy and modern luxury intermingling fashion and music based in Paris (France). The brand was born in 2002 following the meeting between Gildas Loaëc, who was at the time manager and artistic director of the band Daft Punk, and the architect Masaya Kuroki, who switched to fashion design. In 2013, a new concept is added to the ready-to-wear brand and music label: The Café Kitsuné. Fusing fashion, music and design, Café Kitsuné – two in Paris and one in Tokyo – pays tribute to the simple pleasure of enjoying a good coffee in venues that are modern, cosmopolitan and friendly.

After talking to Louise in English for over 30 minutes, she asked me where I am from and realised we both spoke Dutch. She explained her role within the brand as creative manager and how she relates to the interns she has working for her, as she was a student herself once. What stood out for me was talking to her and how open she was in sharing her experiences with me.

2. Florent-Alexis WesselsFaustin [Confident]

Florent is the founder and tailor of Confident. He creates made to measure suits for young -30ish- men who want to look sharp for an affordable price (around 600 euro). He feels it is important to really invest in his costumers and he wants to take the time to get to know them. He explains that the vibe he wants to create is one of care and special attention. Men who buy a Confident suit become part of this secret club.

Florent is a really charming and friendly man and while talking to him you will feel his passion and love for what he is doing and it is such a clever and brilliant concept.

3. Alice de Montalivet [Dymant]

She has a very cool and down to earth vibe, when talking to her you get inspired: You can do anything you want, make sure it is something you really like and enjoy doing. Alice worked for Burberry as a Product Manager Assistant – Menswear in London before she decided to take a slightly other route. She is now working for Dymant as head of Supply. Dymant designs and sells handcrafted, traditionally created unique objects. Each design has a soul and tells a story!


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