Canepa visits Carpe Diem villa for a private talk

Alfonso Saibene Canepa; Supply Chain and Sustainability director of the Canepa group

Maurizio Ribotti ; Head of Marketing and Communication

Canepa S.p.a

It was a privilege to sit up close and personal with Alfonso  and Maurizio from Canepa, the trendsetter in the Italian textile industry, world leader in high-end silk weaving, but also produce fine fabrics from other natural fibres, such as cashmere, wool, cotton and linen. Based in the textile region of Como (Italy) they have an ongoing commitment towards a more environmentally sustainable industry: a sustainable and transparent supply chain.

Canepa has created the SAVE the WATER® Kitotex® project, developed in partnership with CNR-ISMIC, which allows the elimination of substances harmful to the environment and to drastically reduce water consumption in the manufacturing processes of weaving yarn.

The SAVE the WATER® Kitotex® program was created by the research laboratories of CanepaEvolution, a department created specially by the group, to drive innovation in the production process. Kitotex® is derived from chitin a naturally occurring polymer which is found in the exoskeleton of shrimp and is a waste product of the food industry.

Canepa’s innovation (laboratory data, source: CNR-Ismac): reduction in the consumption of water per kg of textile from 300lt to 20lt; reduction in the temperature of the washing process for textiles from 70/90° to 30/40; reduction in energy consumed per kg of textile from 22,500 kcal to 600 kcal; reduction in CO2 emissions per kg of textile: from 13.9 kg CO2 to 0.37 kg CO2.

Canepa was the first textile business worldwide to endorse the Greenpeace Detox campaign, that aims to free fashion from toxic substances by 2020.



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