Fashion Technology and Digital Revolution

Fashion Technology and Digital Revolution

Moderated by Laurent Raoul, professor IFM,Founder, XL Conseil


Maxime Coupez- director of strategy division, Fabernovel

Céline Lippi- Co founder and General Manager, Fashion Capital Partners

Eric Peters- Deputy Head of unit, DG Connect European Commission

The second edition of the students Think Tank for Fashion Technology and Digital Revolution took place at the Villa Noailles on Saturday 23rd April at 10am in the morning.

Maxime Coupez spoke about how new platforms are disrupting the business world. Since 2006, Fabernovel have covered Amazon, Facebook and Linkedin and how they have affected the world economy. Their study GAFAnomics, defines their trajectory, deciphers their visions and plans, and explores the cogs of their unparalleled growth engines.

The talks also revolved around the 3 waves of Revolution that the digital world has brought about.

  • The first was introduction of Internet in the office forum and how it helped the world to communicate and connect in an effective and accelerated approach.
  • Secondly, the dawn of mobile technology in our daily lives that gave rise to companies like Uber, which made commutation much easier.
  • The third waves came with the invention of wearable technology such as time pieces (example, i-watch) that allowed people to be connected all the time leading to a massive source of data collection.

They also talked about the fourth wave that is predicted to come in future with the advent of automatic self-driven cars.

In-scheme of the discussion a light was also shed on the fact that risks in today’s world can come from people outside the industry rather than inside the industry and digital technology plays a paramount role in determining them. For example, Google disrupting the medicine industry leading one to think that will devices replace medicine in future?

In Course of the debate talks also revolved around how Facebook keeps introspecting within itself to find ways to disrupt Facebook and re-invent its self to be the next Facebook.

A student from IFM also spoke about how there is creativity within codes and how digital technology can provide boundless scope for Collaboration.

A thought provoking talk which propelled one to think- “How can technology be considered as a source of inspiration rather than the source of solving problems?” Also, will data actually be the new currency and a source of power? Furthermore, are consumers the new product? The answers to these will be best judged by time.


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