LCF Master’s Think Tank II: Sustainability & Technology

This evening think-tank followed an afternoon panel discussion focused on sustainability in the industry including Marie-claire Daveu, Carlo Capasa, and Alfonso Canepa.

During this discussion we discussed key traits of what makes the Italian textile mill Canepa noble with regards to sustainability practises:

-It’s ‘SAVEtheWATER‘ campaign

-The concept of keeping it simple and staying grounded

-Doing what you believe in and understand yourself; no green-washing

We then discussed key questions that arose from the afternoon panel that everyone contemplating sustainability in the industry ought to consider:

How do you market sustainability without making it look like green-washing? Do you need to market sustainability? Does it tarnish the reputation of a formidable brand?

What particular level  or field of sustainability are you concerned about? Financial? Environmental? Social?

What defines sustainability versus luxury?  Is sustainability a luxury? Are the lines between luxury and sustainability blurring?

What is the power and role of the consumer as an active citizen?



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