Workshop with the Maison Lemarié, Feather Creation


Lemarié is a French company specialized in the art of Plumasserie, making fabric flowers and sewing. The flowers are an essential part of the DNA of the brand. Created in 1880 by the milliner Palmyra Coyette (Lemarié wife), the House Lemarié is feather creations provider for the biggest names in couture and ready-to-wear luxury, such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Valentino, and Saint Laurent. The fashion point of these intricately worked designs is that they do not look heavy or weighed down by the decoration. It is just absorbed into the overall design.

In 1996, Chanel bought Lemarié to preserve this endangered craftsmanship. Through this acquisition Lemarié is therefore now part of the company Paraffection (subsidiary of Chanel House). However, Lemarié does not work exclusively for Chanel. The flowers, specifically made for Chanel, are referred to as “camellias” whatever their variety maybe.

Held at Château Saint-Pierre, during the Hyéres Festival 2016 the workshop by Maison Lemarié was a deep insight to the techniques of fabric flower making conducted by Lemarié – an hour long workshop which taught people how to fold and glue to form a beautiful flower. The workshop only took 12 people per session so that individual attention could be provided. There were two individual tables having 6 members with one tutor. Each participant was given a pouch of pre-cut fabric flowers and was instructed carefully about the folding procedures.


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