Maison Lesage

Simply put, Maison Lesage advances and preserves human craft adding a sense of awe to the every day.

Words by Nina Van Volkinburg

Complimentary to the fashion and photography competitions and exhibitions, the Hyères festival offers a range of workshops, thus inviting a new audience to experience the art of fine craftsmanship. This year’s edition hosts artistic creation workshops with Stéphane Ashpool from  Pigalle Paris,  florist Christian Tortu  and Xénia Laffély.

Moreover, the workshop calendar provides the opportunity to enter the world of Maison Lesage: the world’s most celebrated embroidery house.

Mademoiselle Prive Exhibition | Photo by Nina Van Volkinburg

Since its beginnings in 1924, Lesage has elevated the practice of Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and accessories through meticulous detail. Requiring countless hours of work and the pinnacle of craftsmanship, Lesage weaves magic into clothing through opulent embroidery.

In 1992 as a response to “the passementieres (trim artisans) [dying], along with their secrets” François Lesage founded the Lesage embroidery school to train the next generation in the art of ancient craftsmanship. The school welcomes students passionate about their craft from all over the world as they prepare to contribute to the evolving story of fashion.


Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition London | Photo taken by Nina Van Volkinburg

The Maison, part of the Chanel Group, also boasts an incredible archive holding the world’s largest collection of embroidered art with 70 000 samples. The archive boasts creations highlighting the most spellbinding and iconic collections of Madeleine Vionnet, Schiaparelli, Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Lacroix, and other international Couture establishments. Of course, the collection progresses with each passing season as Lesage continues to create for Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Chanel along with other notable fashion houses.

Details from the Chanel Métiers d’Art Collection Salzburg- Paris | Photo by


Simply put, Maison Lesage advances and preserves human craft adding a sense of awe to the every day.

Murielle Lemoine Director of Maison Lesage, will take part as a judge for the fashion competition. To find out more about the Jury please click here.


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