Tim Walker

December 1998 British Vogue Tim Walker

Words by Nina Van Volkinburg

Living in the age of Instagram, we are exposed to thousands of images each day. In some case our eyes hover onto an image a few seconds longer than intended, while most images are flicked away in to abyss as fast as swatting away a stray hair from a desk.

With such saturation of imagery, we live in a time where it is an even greater achievement to create an image which causes us to pause: catalysing an emotional reaction through a unique individual style. One true master of the image is Tim Walker: one of the most influential and important photographers of the 21st century. His interpretation of fashion has been adopted by us all, thanks to his vast work with the world’s most prestigious publications including Vanity Fair, Vogue, W and Love magazine.

Vogue Italia January 2012

His unique perspectives bringing fun and enchantment to dry pages, directly captivating his audiences with his dreamworld. Walker’s work can be categorised as British surrealist, immensely theatrical, and incredibly romantic. *Sigh*

Some of Walker’s most prominent stills include ‘The Widows of Culloden’ Autumn / Winter 2006, ‘Earth Girls’ showing Glastonbury Festival, ‘Fairytale’ and his series of iconic portraits including personalities of Tilda Swinton, Lee McQueen, and most recently Emma Watson.

October 2009 British Vogue
W Magazine January 2015

Walker graduated from the Exeter College of Art with a BA Honors degree in Photography before becoming a full time assistant to the legendary Richard Avedon in New York. At the mere age of 25 he shot his first fashion story for Vogue and later in 2008 received the highly esteemed ‘Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator’ from The British Fashion Council. With a portfolio increasing with moving film, in 2010 Walker’s first short film, ‘The Lost Explorer’ was premiered at Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland and went on to win best short film at the Chicago United Film Festival, 2011.

April 2011 British Vogue

It is a privilege that Tim Walker will be present as a Judge for the Photography competition and will also take part through an exhibition.


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